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About The Gallery Theater Awards

The Awards: Celebrating over fifty years of excellence in theater, the Gallery Theater Awards honor the commitment, creativity, and brilliance in theater production. Unique categories like "Light up the Stage" and "Youth Performance" underscore the awards' dedication to acknowledging diverse talents and essential roles in theater. The annual event, held each January, pays tribute to the previous year's theatrical season, emphasizing that these awards are not just a ceremony, but a testament to the theater's dynamic spirit.

The Nominations: The nomination process for the Gallery Theater Awards is a meticulous and inclusive affair. It involves two main categories: Standard Awards for specific theatrical achievements and Annual Organizational Awards for broader contributions. Directors from each show, board members, and the awards chair propose nominees, and the awards committee compiles these into a final list. The process ensures a fair representation of talents across various roles. This structured approach allows the celebration of excellence in both prominent and smaller-scale contributions within the theater community.

The Voting: Voting for the Gallery Theater Awards is an exclusive privilege extended to the Board of Directors and those community members who have experienced all of the main season shows. The voting process employs a ranked choice system, facilitated through a carefully structured Google Form ballot. This system ensures a democratic and fair selection, with each voter ranking candidates in order of preference. The Awards Chair and Theater Manager oversee the tallying and verification of votes, upholding the integrity and transparency of the election process, thus ensuring that each award truly reflects the preferences and appreciation of the engaged theater community.

How Can I Vote in the Gallery Theater Awards?

Eligibility for Voting: To participate in the voting process of the Gallery Theater Awards, you must either be a member of the Board of Directors or a community member who has attended all main season shows. This policy ensures that voters have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the season's productions, enabling them to make informed choices. The easiest way to ensure you get to vote to buy a season flex pass, and make sure you see all the season shows.

Verification of Eligibility: The Theater Manager will conduct a verification process. This is done using an Arts People report, where your attendance at all seven shows will be confirmed through ticket history. Once verified, you will be added to the list of eligible voters. If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria and do not receive a ballot, reach out to the theater manager.

Receiving the Ballot: Eligible voters will receive the ballot via email. The ballot is created using Google Forms, designed to be user-friendly and accessible. It will list all the award categories, allowing you to cast your vote for each category.

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