Oct 18 - Nov 3

By Adam Bock


Directed by John Hamilton


Swimming in the Shallows is a delightfully offbeat romantic comedy that revolves around a group of close-knit friends who are all dealing with emotional changes in their lives.  Barb finds out that Buddhist monks in Thailand only own eight things -- and wonders if that is all she wants. She starts giving away her things but her husband Bob keeps buying her new ones. Donna wants Carla Carla to marry her, but Carla Carla doesn't like that Donna smokes. Nick is a young gay man with commitment issues. In a supremely bizarre and absolutely hilarious twist, he falls in love with a Mako shark at the local aquarium. 

Arena Theater (9 Performances)

Adult (18-61): $18

Student (5-17): $15

Senior (62+): $15

Recommended age 13+

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Show Times

Friday: 7:30 Curtain
Saturday: 7:30 Curtain
Sunday: 2:00 Curtain