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April 23-25

By  Brian Friel


Directed by Seth Renne


This extraordinary play is the story of five unmarried sisters (Teresa Waite, Melissa Thomas, Debbie Harmon Ferry, Holly Spencer & Lauren Scher) eking out their lives in a small village in Ireland in 1936. We meet them at the time of the festival of Lughnasa, which celebrates the pagan god of the harvest with drunken revelry and dancing. Their sparce existence is interrupted by brief, colorful bursts of music from the radio, their only link to the romance and hope of the world at large. The action of the play is told through the memory of Michael (Mathieu Voisine) the illegitimate son of Christina, one of the sisters as he remembers the five women who raised him, his Uncle Jack (Walter Haight) and father, Gerry Evans (Chris Benham). Widely regarded as Brian Friel’s masterpiece, this haunting play is Friel’s tribute to the spirit and valor of the past.

Streaming (3 Performances)

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Recommended age 13+

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Ronni Lacroute